The Right to Take a Stand

Throughout the history of humanity, human rights have evolved significantly. In a comprehensive overview of the History of Universal Human Rights, Moira Rayner states that “the most common ‘universal rights’ are the right to life; to freedom; to own property; citizenship rights, rights to standards of good behavior by governments, and social, economic and cultural rights.” However, even in developed countries throughout the world, including the United States, some of these vital human rights written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have yet to be written as law. As journalists, we can help in the fight for human rights by exposing the harsh realities that exist in our world. Not just in third-world countries, but in our own backyards there are opportunities to help fight for a better future for people in local communities. A good place to start would be to research non-profits in your community and their mission statements. Often times these organizations will have goals that relate to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Photo Credit: Thanks-Giving Square Foundation

Photo Credit: Thanks-Giving Square Foundation

For example, Thanksgiving Square, which is located in the heart of Downtown Dallas, promotes Thanks-Giving in order to bring people across different cultures to better understand one another. They have an interfaith council that meets once a month in order to discuss differences within their religions in a peaceful and civil way. By better understanding our differences, we can help move toward a future where we become more tolerant of each other’s belief, which ties into the freedom of religion. This is just one example of many opportunities to become more involved in the fight for bettering human rights, and to that end, bettering humanity.


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