Solutions Journalism to Fight Human Trafficking

In America we are blessed to have freedom of the press as one of our core rights. We live in an age where the media has more power than most people even realize. The advancement of technology and widespread coverage of national and international issues give U.S. citizens access to an extraordinary amount of information, but who are the people who choose which stories are worthy to be told? The finger points to us, journalists.

Roger Cohen wrote in his article, “A Journalist’s ‘Actual Responsibility,’” that traditionally, journalists are supposed to “move on” after reporting a story. He argues that every so often there will be a story that grabs a journalist and won’t let him or her go.

A challenge arises for journalists regarding human rights. Pitching stories that sell is a crucial aspect of a journalist’s career. Often times stories involving human rights are so gruesome and disheartening that the challenge not only becomes pitching this type of story, but writing it in such a way that will inspire readers to evoke change.

Photo Credit: solutions

Photo Credit: solutions

One organization working toward journalism that inspires change is the Solutions Journalism Network. They explain on their website, “solutions journalism is rigorous and compelling reporting about responses to social problems,” and it “focuses not just on what may be working, but how and why it appears to be working.” This is a fresh and commendable approach to journalism, and ties to journalists joining the fight for enhancing human rights globally.

There are countless organizations working to end human trafficking, but not many people know about them unless they are looking for them. Implementing solutions journalism to discuss these organizations and their efforts, regarding what they are doing correctly to help the cause, or even things they could improve upon, would help journalists go one step further toward inspiring action and finding a solution to end human trafficking for good.


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